Maximising your people potential

Surge Ahead works with you to solve the people issues that prevent you from being at the top of your game.

A unique approach is what differentiates Surge Ahead and what facilitates success.

Providing a tailored and bespoke solution to help hotels and restaurants develop their people, achieve their vision, improve performance and increase productivity.

Whatever your people issues, once identified, we will work together to resolve them. Creating a plan of action using a unique style of training, consultancy, mentoring and coaching,  we will develop your leaders to be the very best they can.

Hotel Key


Discover Your People

The key to a successful hotel or restaurant is unquestionably its team. Hospitality is a people business.  

We show you how to source the best people, attracting them into your business and settling them in for the long haul.


Engagement - Either giving you the skills to carry out effective recruitment and talent planning or handling it for you - from defining the job role and requirements to employer branding through to appointing the right person.

Attraction - Reviewing your employer proposition, helping you to become an "Employer of Choice" with a great reputation for being a  wonderful workplace that attracts top talent in abundance.

Integration - Getting new starters settled, happy and performing well quickly and well on their way to becoming your stars of the future.


Achieve Your Goals

A focus on engagement, ensuring you have things in place to foster a happy, productive team. 

A commitment to development, giving your people the skills to become your greatest asset.


Are your teams engaged?  Finding great people is just the start of the employee journey.  Ensuring they are happy and motivated requires looking from the outside in and implementing an engagement strategy that encourages your people to stay.

Are you leaders effective? Some Supervisors or Managers may need support on a one to one basis.  They may have specific character traits that prevent them from working effectively or leading and motivating their team or a blind spot that prevents them from changing. 

Surge Ahead can work with them  on an individual basis using a unique style of training, consultancy, mentoring and coaching.

We can work either onsite or just as well remotely providing weekly or monthly support as well as an action plan and weekly progress calls.

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Supporting you in the way that works best for you, being totally flexible to your requirements.


Working with you as an extension to your business, identifying areas to improve your people processes.  It could be improving your employer branding or creating and bedding in effective people practises.

Recognition - A tour of your practises and report of recommended areas of improvement. A one off fee.

Enhancement - Putting in place the recommended changes. An ongoing affordable monthly subscription



If you have a specific area of your people function that you would like help with, maybe managing recruitment for a key role, coaching a particular manager or designing and writing some bespoke leadership training then one-off help and a set fee may be more appropriate.