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Chapter 3 - On-boarding Marco.....

So Marco flew through his trial shift last week. The team were on fire, they loved meeting him and he settled in immediately. He loved what he saw, how the team worked together and really enjoyed being a part of lunch service.


Marco accepted and today is his first day. Nowadays we refer to it as on-boarding. Always sounds to me like getting on an aeroplane, but we’ll go with it for now. So after phase one of finding Marco and phase two of having him “on trial”, it’s all about how we welcome him into the fold. Now more often than not, Marco’s already had quite a good introduction to his new work family from his first night in staff accommodation, when the guys in the staff house took him to the village pub. It is here he learned his first valuable lesson in how to burn the candle at both ends. Again…. we’ll save that for another tale (when we know each other a little better!)

So, back to work… we introduce Marco to everyone, show him the ways we work, where everything is, and how we keep each other safe. We buddy him up, take him through induction training and share our goals and values. I could talk for days about the value of getting this phase right. A positive and welcoming start is crucial for any new employee. Starting a new role is so daunting. Not knowing anyone, or how anything is done, especially in a busy, fast paced manic workplace, where time is a luxury not often afforded to our teams.

Good induction training should cover:

  • Company values, goals and mission statement

  • A tour of the all areas, back and front of house

  • Introductions to key managers in all departments

  • Expected standards of performance

  • H&S – including manual handling, fire safety, COSHH

  • Food Safety training

Knowing that he has met other colleagues from different departments on his induction helps him settle in. He feels more comfortable knowing that he is not alone in being new, and forges good bonds with Tabitha, the new Chef and Aaron, the new Housekeeper. Those relationships will certainly help him when he needs to know how things work in other departments and the bonds formed then make Marco feel a part of the wider team. Least of all when it comes to the Christmas party in a few weeks, he’ll feel as much a social butterfly catching up with his new friends from other departments as his restaurant peers who have a year’s service.

It’s a joy to watch Marco settle into the team. To witness the value he adds and to see him learning the ropes.

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