A common theme amongst the most successful organisations is the ability to attract and retain top talent, therefore building effective teams, even during tough times.

Having spent 25 years finding shining diamonds within the hospitality sector, providing training and development and leading them to be the brightest stars, Surge Ahead Ltd was founded in 2016. 

It was conceived from a passion to support hotel and restaurant owners in how to recruit the right people, develop managers to lead their teams with confidence and conviction and engage teams. 

Focusing on effective learning & development programmes, improved recruitment practises, employee engagement and strong leadership in turn creates a happier, more productive workforce and increased employee retention.

My personal journey started managing busy high volume restaurants, luxury hotels and cruise ship operations.  A passion for leading and developing large multinational teams led me to a long and varied career as an HR & Training Manager within hospitality and food retail. 

Being a Trainer, armed with qualifications in CIPD HR Management, ILM Leadership and Management and a real passion for people, Surge Ahead was born. Improving the recruitment, engagement and development of people whilst understanding the many people challenges a busy, fast paced and high volume hospitality business brings.

A member of the Institute of Hospitality and Vice Chair of the West of England branch, I am passionate about promoting the hospitality industry.

The essence of true leadership is connecting hearts and minds and my mission is to get you there.

I look forward to our journey.